(Devotion Precision Perfection Quality and Art Craftsmanship)

Offset Printing Limited provides a one-stop service in design and printing and is one of the leaders in the industry. From concept to design, from idea to printing, and from test drive to after sale service, our offset printing professional team will always strive for the highest standards and quality for our client ‘s products.

At Offset Printing Limited, our client always come first. We believe in “Precision, Accuracy, Speed and Zero Tolerance to miss”. With our state-of-the-art equipment in printing technology, we are able to produce products of the finest details which include annual reports, manuals, packaging, and even food boxes. Our subsidiary Paperhouse specializes in creative bespoke paper mache such as calendars, greeting cards and lai see packets.

Recently, we are actively expanding our line of business to include logo and image design as well as corporate branding which has seen a surge in our clientele base. Today, Offset Printing Limited has extended to Shenzhen and the Great Bay area. With a staff of over a hundred and our proven track record, we are always ready to take on projects of almost any size, and meet any needs of our client.


The falcon is a bird of prey and is characterized by its sharp eyes, powerful wings, claws, and quick response just as the rationale behind Offset Printing Limited:

Accurate, Fast and No Mishaps

Rationale Behind
Our Professional Operations

Quality Assurance and Preview

Finished product not up to scratch?

Our preview service enables our client to check and confirm every detail of their project before it goes to print.

G7 Quality Control and Assurance

Doubts about color layout?

We are one of the few G7 approved organizations with substantial experience in color management printing. We also provide an on-site consultant to answer your queries regarding choice of paper and ink.

Multiple Proof-Reading Service

Computer error?

Computer typesetting isn’t at all foolproof and imagine if it happens to your bank balance! At Offset Printing Limited, our professional proof-readers will ensure that your printing file is thoroughly checked and error-free.


Losing track?

From the moment your order is placed, it will be handled by our ERP systems all the way until the finished product arrives on your desk. You never need to worry about its whereabouts or check its delivery schedule.

Giving Back

Sharing our success stories

Our success wouldn’t mean much if you are not part of it. Offset Printing Limited has actively engaged with the underprivileged communities, and has been working closely with numerous charities and non-profit groups including Oxfam, Children Cancer Foundation and Medecind san Frontieres. Many have become our friends.

Enterprise Cloud Drive And File

Access to file efficiently

Our records show that about 35% of our orders involves new editions or reprint. For this reason, we’ll store all our client’s files in cloud drive for easy access in future.

Production Flowchart

Dedication In Work

Data Collection

Draft Copy


Printing & Finishing


After-sales Service

Awards & Certifications

Community Service

As a local enterprise, we understand our social responsibility. We have been actively involved in charitable and community services and promotion of local culture

Calendar Charity Sale

Since 2006 we have worked with various charitable organizations to help other community groups in need through charity sale of our calendars. These organizations include Oxfam, WWF, Children Cancer Foundation, World Mission, MSF, HKFHY, UNHCR, SoCo, Ebenezer school for the visually impaired, SAHK, Neighourhood Advice-action Council, Arts with the Disable Association Hong Kong and so on.

HK Federation Of Handicapped Youth

We have been actively supporting and pioneering barrier-free community educational services to help people with disabilities to enhance their self-confidence. With proper social networking and integration, they will also improve their work skills and employment prospects.


We believe in environmental protection and we stick to our principle of sustainability. Since 2006, Offset Printing has actively participated in various environmental audits, and we are the first printing company registered under FSC to use recycled papers. Our staff are well aware of our regular guidelines and will keep unnecessary waste during production to a minimum.

Caring Company

For many years Offset Printing Limited has been proud to be named a “Caring Company” enterprise, an award which recognizes businesses with prominent community care and environmental protection track records while maintaining their competitive edge. The idea of sharing and giving back has probably helped address many social issues and create a more harmonious society.

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